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SpectroShade Micro Device

Spectroshade Micro by MHT


  • ITEM: Shade Matching Spectrophotometer Unit
  • ITEM TYPE: Digital
  • PACKAGING TYPE: Complete Unit
  • QUANTITY: Each

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SpectroShade Micro

SpectroShade Micro is a patented, self-contained unit featuring a LED-based spectrophotometer device operating in a Linux® environment. It is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use.

Spectroshade Micro is recognized for its exceptional precision in objectively measuring and characterizing the natural color of both real and prosthetic teeth. It accurately captures tooth color data and provides quantitative measurements of color and translucency with high accuracy. The SpectroShade Micro System provides exact shade measurements to determine shades for CAD/CAM materials, blocks, fillings, prosthetic teeth, 3D printed veneers, layered ceramic restorations, and bleaching procedures. The system meticulously records and analyzes the subtle nuances of color, ensuring precise shade matching.

The foundation of aesthetics in dental restoration lies in the precise selection of the correct shade. Achieving an accurate replication of the natural appearance and shades of teeth poses a considerable challenge. It necessitates a comprehensive grasp of color science to deliver aesthetically pleasing outcomes for the patient. Rather than relying on guesswork to determine the shade or make subjective choices, Spectroshade Micro improves the shade selection process to ensure patient satisfaction.

 The tooth positioning guidance system, shown on the LCD touch screen, is used during color measurement.



1. ACCURACY: SpectroShade Micro has demonstrated accuracy exceeding other devices on the market in recent studies. SpectroShade Micro's shade matching results obtained are reliable and clinically acceptable.

2. EFFICIENCY:  With SpectroShade Micro, dental professionals can streamline the shade matching process, saving valuable time in the clinic and provide accurate information to dental labs. Its handheld design allows for quick and convenient usage, reducing chairside time for patients.

3. VERSATILITY: SpectroShade Micro offers versatility in shade matching applications, catering to various dental procedures and materials. Whether matching crowns, veneers, or composite restorations, SpectroShade Micro provides consistent and precise results across different clinical scenarios.

4. USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE: The device features an intuitive interface, making it accessible for both experienced and novice users. Its user-friendly design minimizes the learning curve, allowing dental practitioners and lab technicians to integrate it seamlessly into their workflow.

5. CLINICALLY PROVEN:  SpectroShade Micro's effectiveness has been validated through rigorous clinical testing, ensuring its reliability and efficacy in real-world dental settings. Dental professionals can trust in its performance based on empirical evidence and peer-reviewed research.

6. PATIENT SATISFACTION: Dental offices and labs can enhance patient satisfaction levels by providing accurate shade matching results which contribute to aesthetically pleasing restorations that match natural dentition seamlessly, improving overall patient experience and confidence in the dental treatment received.

7. INVESTMENT: SpectroShade Micro is an investment in the quality and efficiency of dental care delivery. Spectroshade Micro's stable platform, quality construction and reliable performance represent a sound investment for dental practices looking to optimize shade matching accuracy, efficiency, and patient satisfaction, thereby elevating the standard of care provided.

8. QUALITY CARE: SpectroShade Micro enables dental practices to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry. Offering accurate shade-matching solutions demonstrates commitment to quality care.

SpectroShade Micro offers comprehensive quantitative measurements throughout its shade selection process, ensuring precise satisfaction with shade matching for your patients. Engineered to establish an optimal lighting environment, SpectroShade Micro facilitates accurate shade matching measurements.

Readings of visible wavelengths


The SpectroShade Micro, integrating an LED spectrophotometer and a digital camera, captures and records measurements, images, and data and seamlessly synchronizes spectral data to the respective digital images for review on its LCD monitor attached to the device. This integration allows the spectral data acquired during measurements to be directly applied to the digital image, ensuring accurate shade-mapping and analysis during the shade-taking session, thus providing comprehensive and precise data for tooth restoration.

Captured recording of tooth

SpectroShade Micro is an essential tool for dentists and dental technicians, enabling direct comparison of their work with unmatched precision. Following meticulous calibration and tooth preparation, its integrated LED light source emits controlled light onto the tooth's surface, allowing precise measurement of light absorption across various wavelengths. This produces comprehensive spectral data, complemented by detailed sample images captured synchronously by the device's digital camera integration. This data, accessible to both dentists and technicians, enables verification of work accuracy and direct comparison with desired shades for various dental samples including crowns, implants, bridges, and veneers. Moreover, the device's versatility extends to color analysis across different spaces like L*a*b*, Lch, and pre-loaded shade guides, ensuring consistency and accuracy in fabrication and treatment planning. This functionality promotes collaboration between dental professionals and technicians, ultimately leading to superior aesthetic outcomes and heightened patient satisfaction.


Spectroshade Micro - full analysis example


Advantages of Using SpectroShade Micro Over an Intraoral Scanner for Shade Matching

Intraoral scanners play a vital role in dental practices, streamlining digital impressions and workflow. However, these scanners lack the advanced spectrophotometric technology and precision of the SpectroShade Micro, which are essential for accurate shade matching. Incorrect shade matching can be costly and undermine your work. Unlike intraoral scanners, the SpectroShade Micro offers unparalleled accuracy by providing detailed insights into brightness, chroma, and hue variations under controlled lighting conditions. SpectroShade Micro complements the scanner's readings, making it indispensable for precise shade matching in dental procedures, ultimately enhancing patient satisfaction.



  • Illumination: 2 x 45°, polarized and telecentric, monochromatic
  • Recording with 0°, polarized and telecentric
  • Spectral range: 410 nm to 680 nm 
  • Measurement area: 18 x 14 mm
  • Digital resolution: 640 x 480 = 307,200 (=N° of spectral curves)
  • Optical: 0.03 x 0.03 mm for each point
  • Repeatability: better than dE of 0.5 on the teeth and crowns

SpectroShade Micro also comes with pre-loaded shade guides for referencing measurements when needed:

  • AVANTI Shade Guide
  • Candulor TCR
  • Ceramco 3
  • Ceramco II & II Silver
  • Dentsply CeramX
  • Dentsply Esthet-X
  • Dentsply Genios
  • Ivoclar Chromoscop-Complete
  • Ivoclar Vivodent PE
  • Kiss V-Shades
  • Kiss extreme
  • Nobel Rondo Alumina
  • Nobel Rondo Zirconia
  • Noritake Tooth Guide
  • Noritake Shade Guide
  • Shofu Vintage Halo 7041
  • Shofu Vintage Halo 7043
  • Shofu Vintage Halo
  • Trubyte Bioform Plastic
  • Trubyte Bioform Porcelain
  • Trubyte New Hue
  • Trubyte Portrait
  • Vita 3D Master-Complete
  • Vita Classical
  • Vita Lumin
One year limited warranty - free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. During the warranty period, we will repair or replace any defective parts or the entire product, free of charge.
LED Spectrophotometer with camera display
What's included with the device:
SpectroShade Micro device, calibration cradle, power cords, USB cable, rechargeable battery, and installation software
One-year limited warranty free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. During the warranty period, we will repair or replace any defective parts or the entire product, free of charge.
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