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Elevate your shade matching abilities with SpectroShade Micro System


Consistently provides accuracy, repeatability, and reliability in dental color measurement applications.

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Clinical research, reviews, and articles focusing on tooth shade matching and SpectroShade Micro

SpectroShade Micro vs IntraOral Scanners

SpectroShade Micro by MHT is a spectrophotometer designed specifically for dental use. It provides highly accurate color measurements by analyzing the light reflected from the tooth surface. This device uses a controlled light source and a digital camera that captures and analyzes the color data. SpectroShade Micro breaks down the color into its component wavelengths, providing precise measurements of hue, chroma, and value. This level of detail is crucial for achieving a perfect shade match, especially in complex cases involving multiple shades or subtle variations in color.

In contrast, intraoral scanners, while have the ability to capture the shape and structure of teeth, are less accurate in determining color. These devices primarily focus on creating 3D models of the dental structures and may use less sophisticated color measurement technologies. They often rely on uncontrolled lighting conditions and simpler color analysis methods, which leads to less accurate shade matching. Intraoral scanners do not have the capabilites to analyze nuances of the tooth where color can vary significantly. SpectroShade Micro's advanced spectrophotometric technology makes it superior for precise shade matching. Its ability to measure and analyze color with high accuracy ensures better aesthetic outcomes in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Color meaurements are fundamental in dentistry for achieving accurate shade matching of teeth. It involves understanding the three dimensions of color: hue, chroma, and value. Hue refers to the color itself (e.g., red, yellow, blue), chroma describes the intensity or saturation of the color, and value indicates the lightness or darkness. In dental applications, achieving the correct shade involves balancing these three dimensions to match the natural appearance of the patient's teeth.