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Rest assured that your purchase of top-quality products is hassle-free. Our expert customer care team provides comprehensive product information and shopper support throughout your shopping journey—from pre-purchase inquiries to post-sale assistance. Curious to know more? We're here to help. Our friendly supply experts are ready to promptly answer your questions or assist with placing your order.


 Welcome to Premier Shade Matching Solutions!

About UsAllow us to introduce SpectroShade Micro, the ultimate tool for precise shade matching. We're thrilled to present SpectroShade Micro, engineered to elevate your work to unparalleled levels of excellence.

Unlock the power of precise color matching and ensure accurate shade selection. SpectroShade Micro equips you with the essential tools to consistently achieve flawless results in shade matching.

We understand the importance of reliability and consistency in shade matching. That's why we've forged a partnership with our supplier to bring you SpectroShade Micro. Our online store offers a user-friendly ordering process, complemented by dedicated customer support and inventory at our climate-controlled US warehouse, ensuring a convenient purchasing experience.

Experience the transformative impact of precision and accuracy in your work with SpectroShade Micro, now available to professionals through our online store. Explore our site and welcome to a world of unrivaled precision in shade matching.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to be a reliable partner for our customers, suppliers, and associates. We embrace values that reflect our dedication and enthusiasm in serving our customers. It's not only about what we accomplish, but also about how consistently we deliver on our promises!

We are dedicated to delivering quality products tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer. With over 30 combined years of experience, our commitment to offering efficient service distinguishes us from the competition.

At the heart of our team lies your satisfaction. Our skilled technicians attentively listen to your needs, share their knowledge and provide effective solutions. Whether it's our services or products, we're devoted to excellence and treating every customer with respect. Choosing us means selecting a team that prioritizes your needs and consistently delivers top-notch quality service.


At our core, we are committed to delivering outstanding service. We believe in treating our customers with the same level of care and respect that we would want for ourselves. Our team of knowledgeable, long-term associates is dedicated to providing you with personalized service that reflects the essence of our culture. We offer the quality products you rely on and strive to ensure your purchasing experience is seamless and stress-free.

We recognize that our success hinges on your satisfaction. Embracing a culture of continuous improvement, we eagerly welcome your suggestions on how we can further enhance our offerings.

Thank you for entrusting us with your business!