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Research plays a pivotal role in advancing dental care, driving innovations that continuously open new doors in the field of dentistry. These developments are revolutionizing dental practices and significantly improving patient care. Here are some of the recent publications that utilized or referenced SpectroShade Micro for shade-matching measurements.



Here are references to publications regarding shade-matching.

Recent Publications 

Title of Publication

Authors and Publication Details
Level of Agreement in Subjective Selection of Gingival Colour

Gómez-Polo C, Montero J, Quispe N, Flores-Fraile J, Portillo Muñoz M, and Martín Casado A; Appl. Sci. 2024, 14, 4025. May 2024.

Bleaching versus color change resistant adhesive in the discoloration of bracket-bonded tooth surfaces: an in vitro study

Karadeniz, H., Yazıcıoğlu, S., Clin Oral Invest 28, 280. 27 April 2024

A comparative study of translucency
and color
 perception in monolithic zirconia
and lithium disilicate veneers

Hasan Murat Aydoğdu, Pınar Yıldız, Damla Güneş Ünlü, Heliyon Volume 10, Issue 1, 15 January 2024, e23789 Jan. 2024.


Investigating the Effect of Internal Bleaching with 10% Carbamide Peroxide on the 
Color Change of Three Types of Common Endodontic Sealers


Daneshpooy M, Pournaqi Azar F, Nouri F , Safaralizadeh R;  Cureus 16(1): e53116; January, 2024

 A Clinician’s Perspective on the Accuracy of the Shade Determination of Dental Ceramics —A Systematic Review


Dudkiewicz K, Łacinik S, Jedliński M, Janiszewska-Olszowska J, Grocholewicz K.; Journal of Personalized Medicine; 2024; 14(3):252.

Impact of restoration thickness and tooth shade background on the translucency of zirconia laminate veneers: An in vitro comparative study

Jurado C, Alhotan A. Mekled S, Cho S, et al., Saudi Dent J; Jan, 2024.

Artificial intelligence systems in dental shade matching: A systematic review

Shetty S, Gali S, Augustine D, Sv S, Journal of Prothodontics: Nov, 2023.

In Vitro evaluation of the effects of whitening toothpastes on the color and surface roughness of different composite resin materials


 Colak G, and Katirci G., BMC Oral Health 23(1):580; Aug, 2023

Position Statement: Total Color Replication Process for Fixed Prosthodontics

American College of Prosthodontists, 2023


 Accuracy and precision of intraoral scanners for shade matching: A systematic review


Tabatabaian, F., et al., The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, Nov, 2022.

Validation of two clinical color measuring instruments for use in dental research

Akl, M., Poh Choo Sim, C., Nunn, M., et al., In: Journal of Dentistry, Vol. 125, 104223; Oct., 2022.

 Effect of ocular dominance, clinical experience, and sex on the accuracy of shade selection

Garg A, Raura N, Arora A, Shenoy R, Thomas M; Quintessence Int: March, 2022.

The Influence of Dental Occlusion on Spectrophotometric Tooth Color Determinations

Mazur M., Westland S., et al., The Open Dentistry Journal, Clinical Trial Study, Vol 14, June, 2020.
Accuracy of an intraoral digital scanner in tooth color determination Vygandas Rutkunas, Julius Dirse, and Vytautas Bilius, The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry; Feb, 2020.

Evaluation of reliability and validity of three dental color-matching devices Tsiliagkou A, Diamantopoulou S, Papazoglou E, Kakaboura A. Int J Esthet Dent, 2016 Spring;11(1):110-24; Feb, 2016.

Comparison of color differences in visual versus spectrophotometric shade matching MOODLEY, DS; PATEL, N; MOODLEY, T and RANCHOD, H., S. Afr. Dent. J., Johannesburg, v. 70, n. 9, p. 402-407; Oct, 2015.