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Replacement USB Cord for Spectro Shade Micro

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USB A/B Replacement Cable - SpectroShade Micro Cradle/PC

With the USB A/B replacement cable for your SpectroShade Micro, you can connect the device to your computer to further analyze data in SpectroShade's app by connecting and downloading data to your computer. Keep in mind that not all USB A/B cables are compatible with the device to connect with your computer. This is the actual cable designed for your SpectroShade Micro device.

Key Features of the USB A/B Replacement Cable

Ensures Compatibility

This USB A/B replacement cable is works with the SpectroShade Micro, ensuring compatibility and reliable data transfer.

Reliable Data Transfer

Use this cable to connect your SpectroShade Micro to your computer for seamless data analysis and downloads in the SpectroShade app.

High-Quality Design

Not all USB A/B cables are suitable for the SpectroShade Micro. This high-quality replacement cable guarantees proper connectivity and functionality.

USB Cable for SpectroShade Micro
USB A B cable connecting Spectroshade Micro Cradle to PC


SpectroShade Micro device